Create Online Auto Parts Sales with a Mobile Website

Mobile Websites Driving Online Auto Parts Sales

Recently browsing the web on a mobile device went from being an anomaly, to the way that the majority of online shopping or browsing takes place. The notion seems crazy at first- why would people spend time squinting at a tiny screen and pressing little buttons, waiting for their phone to load a page, instead of being comfortable at a desktop computer?

But then we realize that that’s actually not the case anymore. Technology has advanced at such a blistering pace that it’s easy to forget just how powerful the phones people are toting around on a daily basis have become. Right now in your own pocket, there’s probably a sleek smart phone with a crystal clear HD display, 4G wireless connectivity, and enough processing power to take over the entire planet. Okay, that last one was a slight exaggeration, but you get the point- browsing the web on a mobile device is no longer a hassle, it’s a convenience!

Can a Mobile Version of Your Auto Parts Website Boost Traffic & Sales?

Take a moment to consider the intent of the typical person that is browsing a website from a mobile device. Typically they are looking for something specific as opposed to just surfing like many people do from a desktop computer. Since this suggests a more “in a hurry” type of browsing attitude, it is much more beneficial to you to get the customers the information they are looking for as quickly as possible, whether it’s a product, service, or just contact info. If they are forced to deal with navigating through the regular version of your site on their phone it’s much harder to use, and you run the risk of them just leaving and finding someone that does have a mobile site.

Think about this: isn’t the person described above, someone that knows exactly what they want already, the best kind of customer? From a business standpoint, it doesn’t make sense to neglect these kinds of consumers.

3 Tips to Optimize your Mobile Website for Selling

  1. Make navigation touch screen friendly. Touch screen displays are the industry standard nowadays for mobile devices, and as web designers it is our job to adhere to these standards. This means that links and buttons on a mobile version of a site need to be easy to read and subsequently click with a finger. Don’t make things so small that the user has to zoom in, or even miss altogether and have to go back to try again!

  2. Only include essential information. When it comes to mobile based web browsing, efficiency is the key. Any extraneous information or features will only slow the shopping process down for your visitors. Get rid of the huge photo slideshow on your homepage showcasing your auto shop, and focus on presenting your automotive parts catalog in an easy to use fashion.

  3. Make sure your checkout process is working properly. The checkout process on any eCommerce website is of utmost importance. The goal is to make it easy for the customer to get through, with the fewest number of steps possible from beginning to end. Sometimes, however, the checkout process might act up or not work as well on a mobile browser. Take some time every now and then to conduct user testing to make sure that your mobile auto parts website’s checkout process is working properly. It would be a shame to lose sales after the customer was ready to buy from you!

So where does this leave you- the automotive parts & accessories dealer?

The answer to this question depends on how you decide to look at the situation. Is it a nuisance because you have to spend the time and resources to develop something else for your online presence? Or is it a positive because suddenly you have an opportunity to reach a new audience and possibly gain not only traffic, but sales? Contact DCi today to learn more about utilizing Catalog Rack and Web Shop Manager (WSM) to create a mobile browsing experience for your auto part dealer website!

Or take a test drive of our mobile auto parts catalog and see for yourself! 

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