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In a world where the general consensus seems to be moving towards the idea of faster equating to better, selling auto parts online is a market that isn’t slowing down any time soon. For many automotive parts & accessories retailers, the obstacle when it comes to eCommerce is time. How could anyone possibly have the time to manage a website with thousands of aftermarket products in addition to the time already invested in operating a traditional automotive eCommerce business? While it isn’t impossible, it certainly isn’t the most efficient practice available.

The CatalogRack software developed by DCi is intended to alleviate some of the stress and unnecessary man-hours that goes into maintaining a successful auto parts eCommerce site. No matter the industry, the secret to generating traffic and conversions online is providing a genuinely positive experience for the customer. So how exactly does owning an eStore Pro website do this—what tools could one solution possibly have to achieve so much?

The Benefits of DCi eStore Pro in Automotive eCommerce

  • A turn-key automotive eCommerce process. Right from the beginning of your website project, DCi and eStore Pro is there to help. By choosing DCi for your endeavors, you can have your auto parts & accessory online store built quickly, filled with your unique content, populated with thousands of products from the top brands in the industry. All of this is done in an extremely short time frame to maximize efficiency. Wasting time manually entering data or individual products does nothing but slow down your progress. With Catalog Rack, your products will even receive updated information whenever it is released by the manufacturers!

  • “Wow!” customers with an intuitive year make model (YMM) lookup feature. Your eStore Pro website will come complete with DCi’s own YMM lookup feature, fully integrated with your database of automotive product information which is pre-populated by DCi. The usefulness of this feature cannot be understated, as creating and updating YMM data is often times the most difficult part of maintaining an automotive eCommerce website. Manually managing this data can become a grueling process when there are thousands of individual products to keep track of.

  • Never struggle with software powered by Web Shop Manager (WSM)! All of these fancy features and eCommerce tools may sound difficult to use, but they aren’t. eStore Pro sites that are implemented on the WSM platform are managed with a point and click interface. Finding product pages, site pages, or groups of items can be located easily and edited with a few clicks of the mouse. There truly is no IT experience or know-how necessary, the DCi & WSM partnership is specifically designed to be able to be used by anyone.

Selling auto accessories & parts online has never been as easy as it can be with DCi eStore Pro and Catalog Rack features. Every addition or update implemented in eStore Pro is centered on generating success for online auto part dealers. Contact us today to start spending less time maintaining your site, and more time selling!

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