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Growing Your Business via the Internet:
Face time with FACEBOOK.

by Rob Eberhart, Direct Communications, Inc. (DCi)


As we move through some of the free social media tools that are available, it's time to talk about Facebook. It's another peer-to-peer communication online tool, and like blogging, it costs you nothing to implement and use. Facebook can build a sense of community and strengthen your customer following. It's one more leg on the stool of connecting with customers and expanding your reach.

It's Good to Have Friends

Facebook was launched in 2004. Now with over 138 million active users in the US (750 million world-wide), it allows people to create profiles, exchange messages and "collect friends".

And this is where your business comes in -- garnering friends and fans of your business and services. The great part about Facebook is that every time you post an update, your fans automatically see your news posted on their Facebook page. That's a very pro-active way to get your message out. Customers do not have to come looking for you every day - you are reaching out to them. And Facebook has a viral marketing component. Users can share your message with all their friends, who can share it with all their friends... you get the idea.

Facebook allows you to socially connect with your customers and local enthusiasts. Viewers can post comments and ask questions and it gives you the opportunity to be responsive and engaging on a timely basis. And, just like posting on a blog, you can post everything from short comments and news, to photos and YouTube videos.  Think about using Facebook to share news about promotions and special offers, new products, events and news of interest. Offer special incentives to your Facebook fans.

In social media circles, friends and fans are less interested in WHAT you sell and more interested in information, tips, advice and success stories.

Doing it Right

Michael Cohn of TruckProUSA is someone who knows how to build a successful following on Facebook. He's doing something right, because 5 days ago TruckProUSA had 699 fans and today it has 1,129. But he works diligently, posting several times a day. Take a look and notice how he posts news, promotions, price deals, along with fun things to know. "It takes time and I'm working really hard at it," Cohn says. "You don't always know if folks are listening, so you just have to keep at it." Additionally, Michael has found success with targeted Facebook advertising.

Closing the Loop

Make sure you add a link on your website to your Facebook page and place a link in all your emails. Let people know you have a forum for building ongoing communication. If you have a blog, link that to your Facebook as well and make sure readers can share your blog posts on their Facebook pages.

Here is a helpful link on Facebook about setting up Business Pages.

Once you have a Business Page, or if you have already built a healthy presence, pull out all the stops and let our partner, Web Design Solutions,  help you really customize the template on your page. It's a great way to create a cohesive look for your own branding.

Facebook?  What about my website?

If you don’t have a website or you’re not happy with the one you have, you should take a look at DCi's new 'eStore Local' service. When shoppers are looking for your store online, it’s just expected today that you should have a website, just like you have a phone number or parking lot.

Our eStore Local service is a low-cost way to have a professionally designed site to promote your store and your brands. It doesn’t have any complex online selling or a shopping cart but it does come with complete, detailed product information on thousands of parts and it helps market your store online. And down the road if you want to actually sell online, it’s a great first step.

If you'd like more information on a turnkey solution to market your store locally, or even if you just have questions about marketing your store on the Internet, send me an email or visit eStore Local.

More Social Media

Coming up in the next few emails, we'll talk about Twitter and Google+ to show you how these these social media tools work to expand your visibility even more.

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