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Growing Your Business via the Internet:
Let's Talk Social Media. FREE Social Media.

by Rob Eberhart, Direct Communications, Inc. (DCi)


Are you using Social Media? Many of you already know it includes blogs, Facebook, Twitter, forums, chat rooms, social networks, bookmarking sites and more. It's peer-to-peer communication using online tools, most of which cost you nothing to implement and use.

So Let's Talk Blogs

I keep saying "let's talk" because social media allows you to have a conversation directly with your customers on a frequent basis. A blog can go a long way as your hands-on PR and Promotions department. Whether you have a website or not, blogging adds an entirely different dimension to getting your news out. Blogs, because they are so easy to use, let you post news and information as often as you wish. And if you can type, you can blog!

What Should You Post to a Blog?

Your blog can include lots of things, and does not need to be singularly focused on one topic. Writing, or "posting to your blog", should be frequent so customers want to come back often to make sure they are up to date on your latest news. And be sure to add photos to attract and maintain interest. Any small digital camera or smart phone can capture pictures that will work well. Think about using a blog to share some of the following:

  • Manufacturers' promotions
  • Store promotions
  • Coupons and special offers
  • New products
  • Event announcements
  • Promote your customers' vehicles or accomplishments
  • Auto news of interest (new models, recalls, etc.)

Tangible Advantages

By communicating with your customers via a blog, you can build a sense of community and strengthen your customer following. In addition, if you have a website, you can improve your site visibility in the search engines by linking articles, words and photos back to related items on your website. (Be sure to check out our turnkey eStore website solutions, if you don't already have a website!)

How to Start Blogging

There are lots of tools available for making the leap into the "blogosphere".  Most blogging systems are incredibly easy to use and inexpensive as well. Start by checking out both WordPress and Blogger.  They are free and definitely worth a look. Plus, DCi's eStore websites also include built-in blogging capabilities, making it easier than ever.

More Social Media

Coming up next, we'll talk about Facebook and Twitter and how these social media tools work to expand your visibility even more.

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